Arvind Kejriwal – The phenomenon

Arvind Kejriwal – the wizard with his magical broomstick has come forward and taken the initiative to cleanse the ‘rotten’ political and bureaucratic system.

Biplob Ghosal/Shruti Saxena

In a country where people need a break from the government, which has not just lost its credibility, but to some extent even a sense of shame, Arvind Kejriwal – the wizard with his magical broomstick has come forward and taken the initiative to cleanse the ‘rotten’ political and bureaucratic system.

India of the moment seems to be like a mismanaged democracy as compared to other countries of the world. It is so because the common people are being ridiculed by those enjoying higher political status. But, the Aam Aadmi Party leader has upped the ante to bring a social change, which he calls a ‘political revolution’ to give this country a ‘clean’ political party, which has become the most urgent need for this nation.

There is a saying that one has to be the part of the system to bring changes in it and the man of the moment, a new entrant in politics surely does know the rules of the game. AAP has a clear vision that insists on empowering people at the root levels to invoke change at the higher level.

The silent crusader entered the political scenario when our political masters (not all) have brought down the dignity of the Parliament with politics of hit-and-run allegations, politics of grabbing eye-balls with those pricking statements and where corruption and scams are being unraveled oft-repeated, in which politicians cutting across party lines are found to be involved.

The former IITian seems to connect well with the middle class with his unique sartorial choice of clothing as he dons trousers, half-shirts and Gandhi topi with various tag lines and swears to bring in `Swaraj` where the common man will be the decision maker.

In every election we witness politicians leaving no stone unturned to put their best foot forward and making promises be it of corruption free society, cutting inflation etc. and after they win the elections, nobody remembers their promises. In this scenario, the ‘Aam Aadmi’ Kejriwal has shown promise as a beacon of hope changing the face of politics as AAP leader has said that he will listen to people and make70 different manifestos for all the constituencies in Delhi to address the problems more aptly.

He doesn’t claim of bringing in big changes, but significant changes at the micro level to bring in a change at a broader scale. Till now, the AAP leader has been very honest with his promises and in order to set a bench mark, he has got all the funds and details of his party’s candidates posted on the website. The candidates selected for the Delhi Assembly polls have a clean image and come from various backgrounds.

The Aam Aadmi Party leader who has dared Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit for a public debate as well as announced that he will contest from the same constituency. In Indian politics it is one of its kinds as it is a known fact that the political parties have an understanding between them not to field candidates against each other where a prominent face is contesting.

In the battle of ballots, Kejriwal faces the major challenge to find solutions to daunting problems like high power tariff, poor water supply, lack of sewage system, illegal colonies and women`s safety which plague Delhi.

The new politician understands the fact that he can’t make space for his political party just by hitting Congress. He has to cut the vote bank of the BJP too.

The issues, which the BJP could have easily highlighted, have become the weapons of Kejriwal now. No one can deny the fact that Kejriwal has been giving sleepless nights not only to the ruling party but also to the principle opposition party.

Many tactics were used by the Congress to defame the AAP leader while he was part of the anti-corruption crusade initiated by Anna Hazare, but to no effect. After his entry into the political arena Kejriwal’s has been continuously hit by both the grand old party and the Bharatiya Janata Party. However, the ex-IRS officer has remained unfazed and both the parties have failed to prove any wrong doing on his or his party’s part. And now both the national parties are facing a herculean task to tackle the rising popularity of AAP in Delhi.
Though, both the parties are not willing to accept that AAP will win it big in the coming elections in Delhi, the recent poll surveys indicate that Kejriwal’s party will not only hit the BJP more than the ruling Congress, but would also emerge victorious in many seats. One more interesting fact is that the popularity of the new party is increasing as the polls are nearing - all thanks to the new and innovative election campaigning ideas of Kejrwial and his tech-savvy team.
The Aam Aadmi Party has also said that it will contest the high pitched 2014 General Election, but to achieve the objective one needs to have at least 272 MPs in Parliament – which appears to be a distant dream in the current political scenario. Some other critical drawbacks that Kejriwal and his team should watch out for is the need to have a concrete solution on issues like economy, foreign policy, land acquisition, power and water problems and also focus on rural areas to garner the majority. Well, for now let’s see if Kejriwal can swing Delhi in his favour and be accepted by the common man, for whom he says he is fighting for.