Delhi Assembly elections 2013: Mayawati attacks UPA, blames it for price rise

BSP supremo Mayawati attacked UPA government, alleging its wrong policies has lead to rise in the prices of essential commodities in the country which has hit the country`s poor and middle class hard.

New Delhi: BSP supremo Mayawati on Sunday attacked the UPA government, alleging that its wrong policies has lead to rise in the prices of essential commodities in the country which has hit the country`s poor and middle class hard.
Addressing a poll rally in Dwarka area here, the former Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister requested people to vote for her party in the Assembly elections.

She urged people not to vote for either Congress or the BJP, as their governments had "failed to improve" the social and economic situation of the weaker sections and minorities.

Mayawati said efforts were made to raise the matter with the governments at the Centre and state, but in vain.

"The economic condition of the poor in Muslim community and other religious minorities too is not very good. This fact has been brought to light in the Sachar committee report.

But despite this report, the state or the Central governments have not taken any concrete step till now to improve their condition," she said.

"That is why our party has written letters to the Central government on a number of occasions, seeking separate reservations to Muslims and other minorities in education and jobs. But it has not taken any decision till now," she added.

Mayawati maintained that ever since the Independence, prices of essential commodities have increased due to the the wrong economic policies of the Central government.

"In the entire country as well as in Delhi, poor and middle class has been worse hit by price rise. This comes even after our party has been demanding to formulate such policies which help the poor, and not just a few capitalists in the country," she said.

The central schemes have neither been able to provide employment nor they could eradicate poverty, Mayawati alleged, and requested people to vote sensibly in the coming elections.

"You have to understand why you should vote for only BSP and not Congress or BJP in this elections. Since independence, be it in the states or at the Centre, most of the governments have been in the hands of either Congress of BJP," she said.

Mayawati said despite so many years of independence, the social and economic situation of poor, especially the Bahujan Samaj, SC/ST and others, has not improved.

"That is why, most of these people leave their native states and come to big cities to earn their living. It can be seen in Delhi and Mumbai. Partiality is being done with them.

"Whatever reservation has been given to SC/STs and other minorities in education, employment and politics due to Dr Ambedkar`s efforts, there is a deliberate conspiracy to bring this to an end," she alleged.

The BSP leader maintained that the level of corruption over the years has increased and Delhi is no exception.

"Wrong parties" have formed governments over the years, due to which even for small work, bribes need to be paid, Mayawati said.

"We find Congress and BJP responsible for this because since independence, they have been coming to power. They did not formulate policies to help poor, but to appease a handful of capitalists. People from all sections of society are unhappy," she said.

"We (BSP) do not want to come to power with the help of capitalists but with economic help from our workers to fight elections so that we can give prosperity to people without any pressure from anybody," Mayawati added.

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