Delhi polls 2013: Politicians fight stress before elections

Election time is clearly synonymous with stress for politicians, who are taking recourse to various means to ensure that the long hours of canvassing with little sleep and erratic meals

New Delhi: Election time is clearly synonymous with stress for politicians, who are taking recourse to various means to ensure that the long hours of canvassing with little sleep and erratic meals, not to mention the daily bickering with rivals, do not take a toll on health.

While some opt for yoga to de-stress, others take to meditation, a morning stroll, swimming or listening to old classical Hindi songs to rejuvenate them for the hectic day ahead.

"Everyday I make it a point to read for at least 10 to 15 minutes. I read all kind of books including fiction, poetry and essays but recently I have started reading spiritual books," said Kiran Walia, Delhi Minister of Social Welfare who is contesting elections from Malviya Nagar.

"My favourite book which was a turning point in my life was `Autobiography of Yogi` which taught me that there is more to life than mundane issues," she said.

If books work for Walia, former Delhi BJP chief Vijendra Gupta who filed his nomination from the New Delhi constituency, goes for a morning walk "to clear his mind".

"I have been going to Lodi gardens from the past 13 years for morning walks," Vijendra Gupta said. He also loves going to India Habitat Centre for relaxation. "I also try to go for gymming and swimming everyday."

Meanwhile candidates from Patparganj have found different means to relax.
Chaudhary Anil Kumar, sitting MLA from the constituency, turns to Mohd Rafi songs when he is under stress.

"I make it a point to listen to Mohd Rafi songs everyday before going to sleep," Anil Kumar said. "I am also interested in martial arts and cricket and these two activities particularly relax me during times of stress and tension."

His opponent from the Aam Aadmi Party Manish Sisodia sticks to meditation and talking to people around him.

"I talk to people and try to find out what they are going through and what they expect from us," he said. "Listening and solving people`s problems relaxes me."
On the other hand, BJP candidate contesting for Patparganj constituency Nakul Bhardwaj prefers walking, his nephew said.

Other ministers like doing yoga and meditation for peace of mind.

"I hardly get time for relaxation but I do try to do yoga everyday," said Minister for Education, Tourism, Languages Arvinder Singh Lovely who is contesting elections for the Gandhi Nagar constituency.

Ramakant Goswami, Minister of Industry and Labour seeking reelection from Rajinder Nagar Constituency, sticks to meditation.

"I o a two-minute meditation of Om to relax myself daily," he said.

"I wake up every morning at 5 AM and go for a morning
walk for relaxation," Goswami said.

"I also like talking to party workers to discuss our shortcomings and ways to overcome them which also helps me to relax," he said.

However, many candidates say that the only relaxation they get is by sleeping as the busy election schedule keeps them occupied for most of the time and barely leaves time for them to do anything else.

Meanwhile, the candidates of BJP and Congress contesting from Chandini Chowk believe that understanding people`s problems is the best remedy for them to overcome their tension.

"I like being surrounded by people, listening to what they have to say makes me feel relaxed," Suman Kumar Gupta, BJP candidate from Chandini Chowk, said.
While his opponent Prahlad Singh Sawhney from Congress also finds solace in solving people`s problems, he also likes to play badminton and do yoga for relaxation.

"I try to play badminton and do yoga everyday to relax myself," he said.
Karan Singh Tanwar, BJP MLA contesting from Delhi Cantonment on the other hand talks to people around him whenever he is tense.

"Talking helps me. I talk about issues that bother me to relax myself," said Karan Singh Tanwar. "No other kind of rejuvenation helps me more than talking."

The Delhi Assembly election will be held on December 4 where the three major players Congress, BJP and AAP would be fighting for 70 seats in the Legislative Assembly. The counting of votes is on December 8.