Narendra Modi`s speech in Delhi: As it happened

Congress leaders think they were born to rule, says Narendra Modi in Delhi

Updated: Nov 23, 2013, 23:26 PM IST

Zee Media Bureau

7:55 pm: Narendra Modi concludes his speech.

7:53 pm: You must vote in large numbers and support the BJP on December 04: Narendra Modi

7:52 pm: Shahzada, you take a camera, go and see poor. But what about poverty in areas close to where you live, asks Modi. Except power, Congress has no other dream.

7:51 pm: India has now decided to have a Congress-free Bharat.

7:50 pm: Shahzada`s thought is divide and rule, ours is integrate and do development, says Modi. You think of saving your chair, we think of saving the nation.

7:49 pm: Congress` Shehzada thinks India is a beehive, we think it is our mother. He thinks poverty is state of mind, we think poor are manifestation of Almighty. For you poverty is a joke but it causes pain and anguish in our minds: Modi
7:48 pm: The BJP and Akali Dal are fighting these elections together. You have to make BJP-Akali Dal win, Modi urges voters.

7:47 pm: Remember how the Pakistani PM was fed chicken Biryani. Remember the Azad Maidan where memorials for heroes were desecrated.

7:45 pm: When you go to vote on December 04, don`t forget to look at onions, gas cylinder at home which are now a luxury, courtesy this government.

7:44 pm: Remember how police was sent in the middle of night to Ramlila Maidan and an innocent woman was killed: Modi

7:43 pm: Congress is not bothered about the condition of common people. The PM talks of women safety but how can we forget Nirbhaya, asks Modi. When you go to vote, think that they made my Delhi a rape capital.

7:41 pm: During Vajpayee ji`s government, onion was under essential commodity. The UPA removed it and the result is that its prices are rising, notes Modi

7: 40 pm: I said Essential Commodities Act needs improvement, special courts are required for that, so that poor are protected but nothing happened.

7:37 pm: Modi says the PM gave him a task to head a chief ministerial committee to take steps to reduce prices. “We gave 20 different suggestions, 62 actionable points were given. When the PM saw report, he said the report is very good. This happened years ago but nothing has happened on this,” says Modi.

7:35 pm: During Atal Bihari Vajpayee`s regime, inflation was at 3.9 percent. Now under an economist Prime Minister, it is more than 11 percent. If price rise continues to rise like this, what will the poor eat? The Prime Minister is not ready to take the blame for price rise, says Modi

7:33 pm: One of the intelligent leaders (Finance Minister P Chidambaram) from Delhi is saying prices are rising because poor are eating two vegetables. Do you understand this?

7:32 pm:Delhi has such a government that has done corruption in coal also. Now with the coal scam probe going on under the Supreme Court’s scrutiny, shortage of coal has shoot off power prices, says the Gujarat CM.

7:30 pm: What did we do? We did nothing and did nothing to win hearts, make our nation proud, says Modi

7:29 pm: People talk of Commonwealth Games. It is not only about the sin of corruption that Congress did. Other nations use such events for building their brand. Just look at a small country like South Korea, says Modi

7:27 pm: Congress has changed their name, symbol, ideology but not its intentions.

7:26 pm: The Congress party has admitted that God has created it to rule. They think they are born to rule and people are in our pocket. Where will they go? Sometimes show them the fear of Modi and gain votes. Congress people are used to enjoying the rule.

7:25 pm: The size of desert in my state is bigger than Delhi. Tell me friends, what work does Delhi CM have? Does she have to worry about a desert state, about state sharing border with foreign neighbour?

7:24 pm: We have proved ourselves despite hailing from a poor family.

7:23 pm: Gujarat`s BRTS design was copied here in Delhi. But is it a success here? Come and see it in Ahmedabad and Surat, Narendra Modi says in Delhi

7:22 pm:It took Rs 3,900 crore for the task of cleaning Yamuna. Is it clean now? I invite the Delhi elite club to come and see Sabarmati river. It cost only Rs 900 crore and it`s clean.

7: 19 pm: I do not belong to this elite club. This elite club of Delhi will never accept me as I belong to a poor family, says Modi.

7:17 pm: You have been in power for the last 15 years but have not been able to provide water. And then you ask what is our model: Modi

7:16 pm: Can you imagine the size of water pipelines in Gujarat? Sheila ji and her family can drive her Maruti car through it, says Modi.

7:15 pm: We took water from Narmada to 9,000 odd villages and soldiers guarding the desert frontier with Pakistan.

7:12 pm: You stay on banks of Yamuna but still struggling to get water. In 2001, Gujarat had more than 400 villages which were getting water from tankers.

7:11 pm: I hail from real Dwarka. That is not a Dwarka with tankers: Modi

7:10 pm: Modi says it is sad to note that even small states are moving ahead of Delhi.

7:09 pm: Delhi`s polls are very important. The prestige of a nation is closely linked with its capital city, says Modi.

7:08 pm: You have waited for a very long time. I assure you BJP will not let your patience and sacrifice go in vain, says Modi

7:07 pm: Narendra Modi begins his speech.

7:06 pm: After BJP`s former president Nitin Gadkari, MP from Amritsar Navjot Singh Sidhu, BJP’s chief ministerial candidate Dr Harsh Vardhan, it’s time for the party’s prime ministerial Narendra Modi to begin his speech at Dwarka in Delhi.

6:51 pm: Narendra Modi arrives on stage. Nitin Gadkari, Dr Harsh Vardhan, Vijay Goel and Navjot Singh Sidhu are also present.