I will not let any ‘panja’ snatch your money, says Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi is now addressing a rally in Madhya Pradesh’s Guna.

Zee Media Bureau

Chhatarpur/Guna (MP): 4:20 pm: We, the workers of BJP, are chowkidaar. When we make the government at Centre in 2014, we will safeguard the money of the poor. I won’t let any ‘panja’ snatch the poor’s money – Modi.

4:15 pm: Is the money being used for development in Gujarat and MP mine or Shivraj ji’s? No, it’s your hard-earned money, Modi tells people attending the rally.

4:10 pm: Whenever elections are near, Congress leaders make big promises; they are masters in this – Modi.

4:07 pm: Congress leaders make false promises; they say if we win, we will take you to the moon, we will take you for ride on Mangalyaan – Modi.

4:06 pm: We now have to fight elections on the issue of development; without development this country has no future – Modi.

4:06 pm: People who call power poison are the same people who are never ready to give it up, says Modi.

4:05 pm: There is a BJP wave across Madhya Pradesh, it’s evident - Modi.

4:02 pm: Congress divided the country, divided communities. Instead of talking of oneness they did the exact opposite – Modi.

4:01 pm: It is in Congress’ blood to divide, they have learnt it from the British, says Modi.

4:00 pm: Narendra Modi is now addressing a rally in Madhya Pradesh’s Guna.

12:40 pm: A Congress leader in Chhattisgarh spread rumour that if you press the `kamal` button on EVM you will get an electric shock. This shows desperation, laments Modi.

12:37 pm: The people will decide whether they will vote for those who commit crime or those who dare those who commit crime – Modi.

12:35 pm: I know the Delhi club very well, but I will never want to be a part of it because I am not elite; i come from the village – Modi.

12:35 pm: Agriculture under your (Congress) rule hardly went beyond 4%. Under Shivraj ji this has gone over 13% - Modi.

12:33 pm: Shivraj ji has done a lot of work in irrigation. Can you see this development or not? You can see it but Delhi cannot, says Modi.

12:32 pm: Package for Bundelkhand was given & PM praised its implementation in MP. But in UP, we don`t know where the money went – Modi.

12:32 pm: The Centre has even rewarded MP government for the work done here, says Modi.

12:30 pm: Just imagine if BJP is in power in both Madhya Pradesh and at the Centre, they you will have ‘ladoos’ in both of your hands – Modi.

12:30 pm: The government at the Centre is going to change. It’s certain that in 2014, BJP will make the government in 2014 – Modi.

12:27 pm: If you say we are chor, then we accept we are chor. We have stolen your sleep – Modi to Congress.

12:27 pm: Congress alleges BJP is corrupt. I ask you, ‘kya hum chor hain’ – Modi.

12:26 pm: Dear Prime Minister, who has reduced the level of politics? It is the vice president of your party who called your decision nonsense in a press conference, not us – Modi.

12:26 pm: PM says level of political discourse has been lowered by BJP. But who reduced the stature of PM, Cabinet and Parliament? – Modi.

12:26 pm: I dare Congress to challenge us on the issue of development, says Modi.

12:26 pm: You cannot suppress us by telling lies, if you want to compete with us then compare development models – Modi.

12:26 pm: Madam Soniaji, Shehzaadeji jhoothe prachaar sey aap BJP sarkaron sey mukaabla nahi kar paoge – Modi.

12:25 pm: The Central government is not willing to repair national highways in Madhya Pradesh, so that tourism suffers in the state, alleges Modi.

12:25 pm: Congress leaders go to villages and give provocative speeches. I want to ask what they did in all these years? – Modi.

12:25 pm: When the chairman of the lie manufacturing industry used to be in power, the farmers were committing suicide – Modi.

12:24 pm: One former CM who speaks a lot is now engaged full time in manufacturing lies – Modi.

12:22 pm: Congress leaders ask how many hospitals or schools have been built. How many did you make in the last 50 years of your rule? asks Modi.

12:20 pm: In democracy it is the responsibility of parties to give an account for all their work. But the government in Delhi doesn`t do so – Modi.

12:19 pm: I proudly say that wherever Shivraj Singh Chouhan went to campaign in the state he was received warmly and with love, says Modi.

12:18 pm: Is desh ki mahilaon ka mujh par aisa suraksha kavach hai ki koi bhi saajish nahi chalegi – Modi.

12:15 pm: What has Congress done for MP, asks Modi.

12:10 pm: BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi is currently addressing a rally in Madhya Pradesh’s Chhatarpur.

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