Corruption, indecision hurting India`s growth: Sam Pitroda

Sam Pitroda said that corruption and indecision were affecting the growth story of India.

Kolkata: Sam Pitroda, who is the adviser to the Prime Minister on public information infrastructure and innovation, on Thursday said that corruption and indecision were affecting the growth story of India.

"When UPA government came to power at the Centre, then the country`s growth rate was eight per cent. During UPA-II, the growth rate started tapering down which had been largely a result of corruption, indecision and policy paralysis," Pitroda said at the SNC-CII event here.

Pitroda said, "in the last few months, everything seems to be unsettling. People`s perception is that the government is not taking any decisions which should have been the case. The public notion is that there are multiple power centres and nobody knows who is in charge."

"At the end it is the Prime Minister who had to take the decisions. But for that a strong government at the Centre is needed. It is difficult in a coalition framework," Pitroda said.

Saying that India was now at the crossroads, Pitroda viewed that the crucial question before the Indians was how the country would navigate to emerge as a winner.

"Poor sentiment and confusion are ruling the minds of the people of the country. Today, the Indian dream seems to be in doubt. Today, we are very concerned as our growth story is going offtrack," he said.

Pitroda said for an inclusive growth targeted at reducing poverty and distribution of wealth, the country would have to grow at a rate of 10 per cent for 25 years.

"The present design through which the country is governed will have to change as it will not be able to deliver for 1.3 billion people," he said.

"Something happened in 1991. But this is a bigger challenge as everything is getting affected," he observed.


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