Duo get 3 years in jail for kidnapping toddler

Duo get 3 years in jail for kidnapping toddler

New Delhi: A government servant has been sentenced along with a woman to three years in prison for kidnapping a toddler with the court saying that behind the crime was a "sexist" mindset to have a male child.

Metropolitan Magistrate Susheel Bala Dagar refused to show any leniency towards the guilty saying that it was the duo's "greed" for a male child on one hand and money on the other, which had led them into committing the crime.

The victim of their "greed" was the one-and-a-half-year old child who was not even aware of what was happening with him, the court further stated.

The court handed the prison terms to Satish and the 55-year-old Munni while allowing their plea for suspension of their sentence. It has released them on bail till August 28 that they may file an appeal in a superior court.

But the court rejected the convicts' plea to be released on probation.

"Satish agreed to purchase the baby boy due to the fact that he has four daughters and no son. He conspired with Munni to satisfy his personal greed for having a baby boy.

"Munni had the greed for money... Such an act can be shown no mercy," the court said.

The court held the duo guilty of criminal conspiracy and kidnapping and wrongfully confining and concealing the child.

According to police, the duo had conspired to kidnap a baby boy and Satish had agreed to pay Munni Rs 5,000 for the minor.

Munni, who was known to the child's family, kidnapped him from his home in north-east Delhi on April 3, 2005 and took him to Bhatinda in Punjab, where Satish was residing.

After being informed about the kidnapping by the child's family, police apprehended Satish and Munni from Bhatinda and rescued the child.


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