Firing by Delhi police at Parliament street, stunt biker killed

Firing by Delhi police at Parliament street, stunt biker killed

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New Delhi: A stunt biker was shot dead while another one was injured when delhi police fired at them in the wee hours on Sunday.

The incident took place around 2.15 am near Le Meridian hotel in Parliament street of central Delhi when a group of bikers were involved in a confrontation with police officials trying to stop them from performing dangerous stunts on the roads.

Karan Pandey, a resident of Malviya Nagar, was killed when a bullet fired by the police in an attempt to puncture the tyre of the bike he was riding, hit him in his back, police officials said.

Pandey was riding pillion on Punit Sharma's bike, who was injured in the incident. Both of them were rushed to Ram Manohar Lohiya hospital, where Pandey was declared dead. Sharma was found to be drunk when tests were carried out at the hospital.

A police patrolling van reached the spot after there were reports that some 30 young bikers were performing dangerous stunts. When the policemen instructed them to stop, the bikers started pelting stones at them, which damaged the police vehicle.

Some warning shots were fired in the air to disperse the bikers. But when the group still continued their stunts a police official tried to puncture the tyre of one of the bikes, which accidentally hit Pandey on his back.

Although cops claimed that the killing of the youth was an accident, his family members and others questioned whether police could have had employed other options.

Pandey's mother accused the cops of high-handedness and demanded death penalty for the guilty personnel.

"They don't fire at terrorists and criminals. My son was not a thief or a dacoit. Police has wronged as they don't have the right to kill a child. Cops who killed him should be hanged," said Pandey's mother Manju.

Questioning the police version, she claimed her son didn't even knew how to ride a motorbike and demanded that a post-mortem be done by a team of doctors.

"My son doesn't even know how to ride a motorcycle and we also don't have a motorbike at home. He also doesn't indulge in drugs. If he was indulging in hooliganism or had misbehaved with them, they could have lathi-charged or arrested him, but they shouldn't have fired at him. He was my only son," she said.

A magisterial probe is likely to be ordered as is generally the norm in such incidents, official sources said.

The police officer said, "A PCR call was received that 30-35 bikers were performing stunts opposite Gol Dakhana. When two PCR vans reached Windsor Palace, opposite Le Meridian hotel the bikers ganged up and started pelting stones at the police party during which the PCR vans were damaged and some policemen were injured.

"When the youths overlooked several warnings and aerial shots fired by the police. Inspector Rajneesh Parmar of the Police Control Room fired from his service revolver in a bid to puncture a motorcycle's rear tyre, but just at that very instance the biker did a stunt and the bullet hit the victim, Karan Pandey, who was riding pillion, in the back."

Sharma was treated for injuries and he is out of danger now, doctors treating him said.

"Rider Punit Sharma tested positive for alcohol," claimed Rajan Bhagat, Public Relation Officer, Delhi police.

Kusumlata, Punit's mother, said, "Police should not have fired. These were young children. Children do mistakes, but it gives no right to police to claim someone’s life."

Meanwhile, cops have released CCTV footage of the streets of New Delhi area showing several bikers performing stunts late in the night.

Post-mortem of Pandey will be carried out on Monday.

In an effort to curb youths from performing risky motorcycle stunts around India Gate, Delhi Police had carried out a late night checking drive in this area, slapping fines on 84 motorcycle riders and impounding eight bikes early this month.

The crackdown came after a number of incidents were reported in which stunt junkies either lost their lives or injured others. Even a police constable was seriously injured in a similar incident recently.

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It is extremely sad that a young man has lost his life. But his parents should blame themselves, and not the policeman. When asked to disperse the bikers continued doing stunts. If parents cannot teach discipline then the consequences are always serious. The bikers have not been taught discipline or any respect for the law. The policeman was merely doing his job, and I`m sure did not aim to kill. Such bikers have made life hell for women in our metros and the police need to act strongly. Unfortunately it will mean that some bikers may get injured or die, but the others will stop behaving like this.

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This tells how much ``unprofessional`` and inefficient our police is. Even-though they (police) were trying to do good but managed to do ``worse`` only. No one on earth can justify the killing for doing stunt even though that stunt act could also result in accident and life harm to others still a professional body like police should have hundred other ways to grab these guys if not they do not deserve the job from top to bottom.

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i had seen pcr van on tv there was only broken glass not damages on any other on body.if 50 people throw 50 stone or bricks on pcr van-was damages more than 50 place on metal body also not only glass.if there are not damage on body then this is murder

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I believe it`s a high time to ban such scenes from movies like govt has banned sex/nudity scenes.

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police did a great job,,,it was necessary to teach these people a lesson,,Karan Pandey``s parents even don`t have any idea where there son use to go in night this shows how responsible his parents were.

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delhi police did the right thing. such illegal bikers of rich parents don`t mind breaking laws when their rich parents or powerful politicians can bail them out. parliament or india gate is national monuments, no place for terrorists or rowdies. the biker`s mother should get death penalty for giving birth to such rowdies. such pandeys and sharmas could `ve been among the rape of indian girls too sice these stunts are a sign of curfew for girls in night in delhi the rape capital of india. one rapist less in delhi. good work by delhi police to keep india and delhi safe.

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Delhi police should be charged with murder and the policeman who fired shots should be charged under POTA......Police killed innocent youngsters as if they were terrorist and potential threat to WELL ARMED DELHI POLICE,........Delhi Police was so impatient that they cant follow up registration number of bikes and handle them in the next day......Gruesome murder in cold blood,,,.

What these fellows doing in the night. They are the people who makes others life miserable by looting,raping and for road accidents. If they are innocent, then why they not stopped on Police order?

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R any of these youngsters bikers involved in looting,raping and road accidents....Name one of dem not suni sunai bateein,If they had stopped Delhi Police had played blood holi with all youngsters...Delhi police has murdered this youngster in cold blood,Guess these bikers are not30, 40 and 50years so they are nt mature..Does it mean under whose jurisdiction and law should they be killed like birds????The life of a youngster brutally murderd means a lot to their family..Neverthesless it cant be felt by someone who is heartless and perhaps never have any relations...a son,brother,bhatiza or bhanza.etc.,Delhi police should be charged wid extreme punishment available to the officers who gave orders as they clearly indicate it was on for encounter,stop fooling Delhi police...

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Delhi police is so efficient that they discussed for hours regarding whose jurisdication is nirbhaya the rape victim died due to delay,didnt offererd her clothes also....waste no time in killing the youngster,Common delhites shame on u enough of candle march ,strong protest is the need of hour.......nahi to candle march karte raho.,u cowards....apne aap k dili wale kehte hain.,,,hehehehehe

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Aiming for tyre and managing to kill the biker? Looks pretty dodgy to me. Why doesn`t anyone in India question these things? I don`t think anyone knows or understands what we call `critical thinking`.

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Delhi police should be charged with murder in cold blood and the policeman who fired the shots should be tried under POTA.......Delhi police fired at innocent youngsters as if they are terrorist,they should have followed registration number and handled next day morning,,....Gruesome murder and not accident

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As per our esteemed high court judge Jayant Patel, the guilty policeman must be hung and Shinde`s hand behind this incident be probed under supervision by a high court. I am sure something will crop up against UPA after 1 year of jailing these policemen..................Karmik

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this is lesson for those parents who do not check their children from childhood but encourage them for this kind of things..bigadi maa baap aur unki bigdi auladon ko sabak lena chahiyen.....kanoon ne sahi kaam kiya...

Luckily they were not muslim , or Digvijay would have let loose the CBI and NIA on the police. As they are hindus, nothing will happen, all is OK !! Kill them all.......but wait..........Beware ok killing muslim terrorists only!!..........Karmik

I fail to understand how can a bullet ment for tyre hits the man on the bike??? besides?? IT IS DELHI if you can catch a guy on bike and you have to fire on his tyre to stop him then SHAME ON DELHI POLICE. Do they even realise how ridiculus their excuse to fire sound.

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