Guj Congress warns of violence over ‘2G ka samosa’

The Congress party has warned of violence if popular eateries in Gujarat serve dishes named after corruption cases unearthed during UPA govt`s tenure.

Zee Media Bureau

Ahmedabad: Despite facing criticism for recently targeting a Mumbai-based Hotel Aditi, which printed bills highlighting the UPA government scams, the Congress has warned of violence if popular eateries in Gujarat serve dishes named after corruption cases unearthed during its tenure.

Shailesh Amin of Congress’ Vadodra unit has warned that if Gujarat restaurants serve dishes named after corruption scams then there could be violence.

The Vadodara city Congress had earlier issued open threat to the restaurateurs in view of their plans to introduce menu cards that would have food and beverages named after scams that surfaced during the tenure of UPA government.

A proposal to this effect is being considered by some members of Gujarat Rajya Hotel Federation (GRHF) which is highly opposed to the new service tax on restaurants that has been imposed by the Centre some months ago.

Hotelier and GRHF member Ashwin Gandhi has discussed the proposal with other federation members. "Naming food and drinks after scams is an apt reply. Every citizen has the right to express his views," Gandhi was quoted as saying.
Interestingly, the GRHF has over 6,000 members across the state.

Reacting to it, city Congress president Narendra Rawat said, "This is not the correct way to protest. If any restaurant mentions about scams on their menu cards, we will protest in their premises. If the workers lose their temper and the restaurant is ransacked, we are not responsible for it."

If the GRHF members decide to go ahead with their plans then visitors might get an opportunity to bite into a piping hot "2G ka samosa" or a toasted "Coalgate sandwich".
The GRHF’s decision to protest against the Centre’s new service tax on restaurants comes a week after the Mumbai eatery Aditi Restaurant was forced to shut down by Congress workers for criticizing the UPA government in its bills.

The controversy erupted after Aditi Restaurant started issuing bills which had a message at the bottom of the printed receipt that read, "As per UPA govt eating money (2G, coal, CWG scam) is a necessity and eating food in AC restaurants is a luxury."

The eatery, however, re-opened later.