Serious lapses at non-metro airports: Aviation security agency

Serious lapses at several non- metro airports have been found in an audit carried by the aviation security agency BCAS.

New Delhi: Serious lapses at several non- metro airports like damaged X-ray machines, absence of explosive detectors and faulty metal detectors have been found in an audit carried by the aviation security agency BCAS.

The issues have been pointed out in a communication the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) has sent to the Airports Authority of India, official sources said on Wednesday.

These also included non-working or defective closed circuit televisions (CCTVs), inadequate surveillance devices, shortage of wireless sets, broken airport perimeter walls and illegal constructions or slum clusters near these airports, which could constitute significant security threats.

While bomb disposal and sniffer dog squads were not available with CISF or AAI at some of the airports during the audit, damaged perimeter walls led to stray animals moving into the airport areas and runways in some airports.

Airports where the audit was carried out included Bhopal, Aurangabad, Bhuj, Juhu, Imphal and Kanpur, the sources said.

BCAS pointed out that quite often, instances of serious differences over security arrangements at airports arose between CISF personnel and the state police manning the airports at some of these non-metro airports.

It has also objected to the existence of slums or illegal construction of buildings near some of the airports like Juhu also posed a serious security threat.

The sources said the AAI has been taking steps, including deployment of high-tech security equipments, at many of these airports which have been modernised recently.
BCAS is in the process of recalibrating the security equipment, like door-frame metal detectors and sensitive x-ray machines, at all airports to make them significantly more sensitive, they said.

While keeping in mind the sensitivities of passengers with medical implants, a BCAS circular a few months ago had suggested close monitoring of such passengers without causing them any harassment.

The circular had spoken of potential threats from various devices, including those used in cosmetic surgery and medicine infusion.


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