Shobhaa De suffering from bankruptcy of intelligence: Shiv Sena

Shobhaa De suffering from bankruptcy of intelligence: Shiv Sena

Mumbai: Launching a scathing attack on writer-socialite Shobhaa De for talking about separate Mumbai state, Shiv Sena mouthpiece 'Saamana' on Friday said she was suffering from "bankruptcy" of intelligence.

"Madam (De) had lost her sense and is suffering from bankruptcy of intelligence. Otherwise she would not have made such a statement while living in Mumbai," the editorial in the daily said today.

It also noted that not only Shiv Sena, but all the political parties in Maharashtra promptly condemned De's controversial tweet.

Interestingly, the editorial further said that use of twitter in this way is "stupidity".

"Social media is alright. But everyone, from Narendra-bhai Modi to Sushma Swaraj and from Digvijay Singh to Shobha De, is wisecracking (through twitter) and confusing the people. Once in a while such a statement backfires," it said.

"Does this social media of yours have any connection with the poor in the country?" it asked, adding that twitter can be useful to get publicity in the person's social circle, but "it cannot win elections".

Saying that Mumbai can never be separated from Maharashtra, the editorial also called De "successor of (yesteryear Congress leader) SK Patil".

Patil, a veteran Congressman, had opposed in 1950s the popular demand for creation of Maharashtra state with Mumbai as its capital.

The editorial also reminded De that many people had become martyrs in the struggle for unified Maharashtra state.


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1st of all, mrs de ( i dont always support her views ) has a right to express her views. Secondly, hypothetically say mumbai is granted status of a state, even then it would remain a proud expression of rich and proud marathi heritage whisch i can boast as a mumbaikar. Issue here is that if by making it a seperate state, its infrastructure can be improved whats wrong here. Shiv sena has worsened the situation of mumbai by its ineffecient administration of mumbai. Congress has made mumbia the slum capital of india. At least have a seperate body and authority to look into traffic, encroachment, illegal constructions e.t.c

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