Telangana: Hyderabad to be UT, joint capital?

Telangana: Hyderabad to be UT, joint capital?

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New Delhi: Under pressure from several quarters, UPA government is likely to convert Hyderabad – the present capital of Andhra Pradesh - into a Union Territory for five years and declare it as the joint capital of two states after Telangana becomes a separate state.

Reports, Monday, said that the issue is likely to come up for discussion when the UPA coordination committee meets on July 31 to discuss the formation of Telangana.

Although, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy has expressed his strong opposition to the bifurcation of the state, it is likely that the Congress top brass will give a go ahead to the creation of Telangana.

The Congress is also reportedly deliberating on over inclusion of two Rayalaseema districts in Telangana.

As per reports, Hyderabad as a UT will be administered by a lieutenant governor. The Governor of the Telangana state will be the ex-officio lieutenant governor of Hyderabad in these five years, sources claim.

A proposal to this effect is expected to come up before the Union cabinet on or before August 5.

The Union Cabinet will take up the issue only after the Congress working committee and the UPA coordination committee approves the proposal to bifurcate Andhra Pradesh.

Sources also claim that the Union Cabinet is also expected to deliberate on whether to create Telangana or a Rayala-Telangana state. The former will consist of the ten districts of Telangana and the latter proposal envisages the addition of two Rayalaseema districts — Anantapur and Kurnool to the proposed Telangana state.

Interestingly, the Andhra region of the bifurcated state will be called Andhra Pradesh.

Sources claim that the Congress central leadership hopes to complete this process within a week, ahead of the Monsoon Session of Parliament that commences on August 6.

A bill calling for the creation of Telangana might also be presented in this session itself. In such situation, incumbent Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy will be required to resign paving way for the appointment of a new chief minister for integrated Andhra Pradesh to oversee the process of bifurcation.

Meanwhile, the state intelligence agencies have warned of major trouble in the Seemandhra region in the wake of the announcement, which will lead to the possibility of the Centre clamping the President's Rule in the state till the process of bifurcation is complete.

Kiran Kumar Reddy has called the move a ‘suicidal step’.

Reddy had told Congress president Sonia Gandhithat "creating Telangana would be a suicidal step and it would be difficult for him to preside over any move to bifurcate the state".

In all possibility, it looks doubtful if the upcoming session of Lok Sabha will be able to clear the Telangana bill. This because the BJP, which has already committed to Telangana, may disrupt the house fearing that the creation of the new state will politically benefit the Congress.

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Hyderabad is a historic city developed over several centuries. It was not developed in ten years as the Italian Sonia and a Tamil Chidambaram and the Malayali Antony and a Madhya Pradesh Digvijay seem to think that they can develop a capital city of the stature of Hyderabad for the cut to size Seemandhra . The entire eight and a half crores of Telugu people have developed the age old city of Hyderabad over the past sixty years. We sacrificed the well developed city of Madras, and then sacrificed Kurnool as a capital and now Sonia wants to give away our most beloved Hyderabad city on a silver platter to the Nizam`s portion of our great Telugu Nation. No, we would rather send the Italian back to her native land of Italy, and let the other non-Telugu fellows sitting on our heads keep their big mouths shut for ever.

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Mumbai was never part of Maharashtra! Mumbai must be become a separate state! The demand has been there for decades even JRD Tata supported such a demand and Mumbai is still in Maharashtra. That is the spirit of the people here. I think itâÂÂs the time for all Telugu people to rise beyond politics and express their strong resentment on Congress decision to divide state and try stopping at any cost. TRS & YSR are chamchas of Congress and will merge after elections. Sonia Gandhi (Italian) and Digvijaya Singh (Son of a bitch) have taken the decision to divide the state? Shame on Congress party they have ruined India. Congress (Sonia) is not so much concerned about the positive and negative aspects which will occur if the state is separated. All she wants is to come to power. Let anything happen, she is not bothered. Only behind power. Born in West Godavari Andhra Pradesh working in Mumbai. I was Andhraite. Now and forever I will be. What about you. Jai Andhra & Jai Hind

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