Telangana: TRS ‘happy’ with UPA’s decision, but wary of Congress

Telangana: TRS ‘happy’ with UPA’s decision, but wary of Congress

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New Delhi: Reacting to the crucial decision taken by the UPA on the formation of a separate Telangana state, Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) said on Tuesday that it was happy with the latest development but at the same time was wary of the Congress.

The party also said that it will wait for the bill to be put in Lok Sabha.

Keshav Rao, the ex-Congress leader from the Telangana region who joined TRS said while talking to a news channel, "We will not be sure of separate Telangana statehood until the bill is tabled in Parliament.” He added that no other arrangement short of making Hyderabad as capital of Telangana is acceptable to the TRS.

The UPA allies today unanimously endorsed the decision on Telangana. However, the decision for a separate Telangana will be announced formally after the Congress Working Committee (CWC) meeting.

According to sources, the future of Hyderabad was not discussed in the UPA cordination committee meeting.

Now all eyes are on the Congress Working Committee meet on what call they will take. Earlier, Congress president Sonia Gandhi held talks with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh today.

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