`Uma Bharti welcome to non-serious politicians club`

'Uma Bharti welcome to non-serious politicians club'

Bhopal: Hitting back at BJP leader Uma Bharti for her remarks, Congress General Secretary Digvijay Singh Thursday invited her to join the club of 'non-serious' politicians.

Singh was reacting to a statement by the saffron leader recently that Digvijay and Shatrughan Sinha should not be taken seriously.

Bharti made this remark after the actor-turned politician had said that Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar was Prime Minister material.

Singh said if Bharti considers him and Sinha to be non-serious, he would welcome her into their group.


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Don`t know about shatrugan sinha but believe only a very very few people take Digvijay`s statements seriously. Most probably, Some of those very very few read those for comedy and some others to see how low the current politics stooped down to!

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but umaji party is taking ONLY digvijay singh ji seriously

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