Use media to spread `development` message: Modi to state BJP

Use media to spread 'development' message: Modi to state BJP

Ahmedabad: Gujarat Chief Minister and chairman of the BJP National Election Committee Narendra Modi told state BJP workers on Tuesday to effectively use the media to spread the message 'development' and 'good governance' to the masses.

"Today, when people are frustrated with this corrupt and direction-less Congress-led government, we have to spread the message of development and good governance to the masses by effective and positive use of the media," Modi said during his address to the BJP state-level media workshop at Gandhinagar.

"Equip yourself to use various types of media to expose the central government's misdeeds," he said.

In the concluding address at the workshop, Leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha and senior BJP leader Arun Jaitley advised cadres to maintain very friendly and amicable relations with the media.

"Always maintain friendly relations with the media as they are the medium through which our party can effectively connect to the masses and convey our message," he said.

Expressing confidence that the BJP could provide a natural model of governance, Jaitley asked BJP media cell workers to focus on six major issues to highlight 'failures' of the UPA government through the media.

"Always emphasise on issues of leadership, governance, corruption, internal security, economy and misuse of government agencies while exposing UPA government," he said.

He claimed that the will of the people to vote out the UPA government is strong and the BJP would have to convey to voters that the party is best suited to provide model governance.


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