Nitish Kumar sworn-in as Bihar CMNitish Kumar sworn-in as Bihar CM
The NDA alliance bagged 206 of the 243 seats, with the JD(U) securing 115 and the BJP 91.
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aScramble for Muslim Vote
Probably the most visibly divisive and vote bank-oriented politics in Bihar.
  aPolitics of coalition
Bihar is the first state to go to the hustings in year 2010.
  aIssues of Election
Development is the issue of aam-aadmi and Nitish claims it to be his only poll plank.
aDevelopment vs Reality
When their state clocked an 11 percent growth in 2009.
  aThe Battle for Upmanship
The battle Nitish Kumar and Lalu Prasad Yadav could yet go either ways.
  aMaoists in Bihar
This issue is of special importance as it impacts the country and not just any one state.
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aIn this day and age of sensationalism, Zee News has not forgotten its duty. To raise issues that concern people’s lives and turn them into a crusade has always been Zee News’ forte.   What helped Nitish Kumar make a comeback in Bihar?
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Nitish Kumar sworn in as Bihar CM
Nitish Kumar sworn in as Bihar CM
Nitish Kumar`s sweeping victory will put more pressure on him?
Can`t Say

JDU expects that a section of Muslims, who comprise nearly 17% of voters in Bihar, will support it and this split will help Nitish Kumar.
About Bihar
It is the same land where the seeds of the first republic were sown and which cultivated the first crop of democracy.
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Glimpses of Bihar Election
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