Will India always remain a nation of the hungry?
Will India always remain the grasp of hunger? What ails or food sector? Is India over-dependant on Monsoon? What do you think?
14 famines in India between 11th and 17th century
1022-1033 Great famines: Many provinces depopulated
1630-32: Two million in Deccan Gujarat
Bengal famine of 1770: 15 million mostly in Bihar and Orissa
The Chalisa famine 1983-84: 11 million mostly in North India
The Doji bara famine 1791-92: 11 mn
The Great Famine of 1876–78: Affected around 6 crore
The Bengal famine of 1943: About Three mn people died in British ruled Bengal
Great Chinese Famine 1958-61: Over 15 mn deaths
Holodomor or Great Ukrainian famine: Around 2.6 to 10 mn deaths
  Explaining Food Crisis      
Consuming for a million
This story hints at a future where the gulf between two sections of our society, the haves and the have-nots, would become so large that it would be well nigh unbridgeable.
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Policy Crisis
The single largest contributor to the present crisis is free market economic policy. Then of course comes the ballooning population.
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Top News
India, China to drive global milk intake: Report
Driven by high growth in India and China, coupled with increasing household incomes, the global diary output is expected to touch 281bn litres by 2012.
FAO Summit ends in disappointment
The three-day World Food Summit organised by the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) in Rome ended without nations making any specific pledges to help the world`s poorest farmers.
Govt may have to import rice this year: Pranab
Food prices to decline after winter crop: Sharad Pawar
“No immediate respite from high food prices”
Haryana announces country`s highest ever sugarcane price
Global food output needs to be hiked by 2050: FAO
The unfulfilled desire of my childhood during rainy season still pricks me with the onset of every monsoon. The sowing of paddy used to bring special pleasure as scores of men and women congregated in fields cracking jokes and singing folk songs while doing their chores.
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