With the arrival of the first anniversary of Mumbai attacks, we can very well see that perception towards life has changed. India is no more what it used to be, as it has witnessed changes in almost every sphere of life as well as in governance.
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Hits & Misses
Can we today successfully avert another 26/11? The answer is both a yes and a no.
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In the mind of Kasab
What happened with Ajmal Kasab when he was in Pakistan?
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India-Pakistan on a road to nowhere   United we stood   Chidambaram vs Patil  
  Shared history is by no means a guarantee of a common future.

For the first time ever since Independence, Muslims were not blamed for the attacks.

The first anniversary of the deadly terrorist attacks in Mumbai puts us in a retrospective mode.  
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End the Kasab show
Its time to prosecute Ajmal Kasab & its a frustrating affair.
Terrorism: Perceiving with new eyes
A single act of terror is a war against the entire humanity.
Timeline of Investigation
A chronology of what all happened after the Mumbai terror attacks.
Picking up pieces
A look at Hotel Taj Mahal, Leopold Cafe and Chabad House a year later.
The soul of Mumbai
So you all have come back again after a long year with tears in your eyes and contempt in your heart.
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We are deficient on integrity quotient: Kiran Bedi
Super cop Kiran Bedi discusses India’s security system after Mumbai terror attacks.
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This is our war and we have to fight it to the bitter end. Pour your feelings by commenting here.
Map of Terror Attack
Terror Trails: Map of Attacks
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