World Climate Summit Doha 2012: World Climate Change Conference 2012
Doha Climate Summit
Qatar will serve as host for the global climate conference to take place in Doha, the capital city.
What you need to know about Kyoto Protocol
Kyoto protocol provides three market mechanisms for meeting emission reduction targets.
Doha round of talks gathers fresh momentum
India has always raised concerns on settling trade and protectionism issues.


Fact File
Global land temperature has risen by 1C since the 1950s
Arctic Sea could be ice free by the summer of 2015
Coral reefs suffer the worst due to climate change
Motor vehicles account for 80% of all transport-related energy use
Africa and South Asia, face the biggest risks from climate change
Have Your Say
Are the countries willing to act on climate change? Are the countries willing to act on climate change?
Let’s wait and watch if the political will of the world leaders attending the crucial climate conference exists or will we have to wait for some more climate disasters to serve as eye-openers.
opinion poll
Will United Nations global warming summit in Doha push for renewal of the Kyoto Protocol?
Can`t say
This is a historic conference of crucial importance. We must work seriously in the next two weeks ... be flexible and not dwell (on) marginal matters.
- Qatar`s conference president Abdullah al-Attiya

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