7 ways in which you can make your Grandparents feel important!

"If nothing is going well, call your grandmother," says an Italian proverb

7 ways in which you can make your Grandparents feel important!
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Mumbai: "If nothing is going well, call your grandmother," says an Italian proverb. Grandparents, probably the only people who love you more than your parents. The warmth and friendliness a grandparent gives out remain irreplaceable. Remember when your Grandma made you a delicious dish or when your Grandpa saved you from your dad’s anger? Or when they were simply there when you were feeling low.

Grandparents have unconditionally done things for us that are priceless and no matter what, we can never payback the amount of love showered upon us. But you can surely make them feel special, express how grateful you are for having them in your life. Here are a few things you can do to show them how much you mean to them.

1)      Play Cards/board games
This can be one way to have fun with your grandparents. Since they cannot take much physical exertion, playing cards or board game with them will lead to spending quality time together.
2)      Go to their doctor’s appointment with them
There were nights when they stayed awake for you or when they used effective home remedies to cure you. It is time to show your concern. At old age, ailments and doctor’s appointments are bound to take place. Assure that you care by accompanying them when they visit the doctor next time.
3)      Browse through old albums
The amount of joy you will see on their faces when you go through those old albums with them is another level! And they will have an interesting tale to tell for every picture clicked. Relive your childhood memories from their spectacle. 
4)      Take them for a movie date
Oh who doesn’t love movies! While you were growing up and as they were getting old, going out on weekends, dinners or in theatres gradually reduced. Take them out for a movie date-just you and your grandparents. Have a good time with a flick and popcorns! 
5)      Ask for advice
They have seen the world and accumulated plenty of wisdom. They are in a position to advise you and provide a solution to every problem of yours. They will be more than happy to help you. 
6)      Read them
When you were a kid they read out stories for you every night. Spending a few minutes of your day to read out news or their favourite novel will only make them feel content. 
7)      Give some technology gyaan.
It is role reversal time! At every stage of your life, they have guided you and taught you all the important lessons of life. In a technology-friendly world, show them how to use a mobile phone or any other gadget. It may not be a big deal for you but for them using a smart phone is actually a delight.