Life lessons: 7 reasons why you should never give up!

Remove the words Give Up from your dictionary...

Life lessons: 7 reasons why you should never give up!

Mumbai: As the phrase goes, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, it takes time and patience to achieve something that seems impossible.

Quitting is the easiest way to Give Up on your dreams, goals and ambitions. Perseverance is something that not everyone can understand and practice. 

How do successful people achieve what they want? Not all of the successful people have talent, money or godfathers! But the one thing they have in common is the ‘mantra’ of never giving up.

Here are some reasons why you should never quit or give up in life:

1)      Regret is the worst companion
After giving up, guilt is an inevitable guest! Your mind will hover around only one question- What if I had tried a little more or in a different way. This will literally eat you up. So avoid that regret by continuing the hard work. You Need To Prove It to Yourself

2)      Success feels great
The taste of success after unaccounted days of hard work and innumerable difficulties is at some level beyond words. When you will look behind on the struggles, the joy of coming out as a winner will be totally worth it.  

3)      Evolving is what you need
At the end of every struggle, whatever the result may be, it will change or reform you in the tiniest way possible. You may not realise it but an evolved person will come out after an intense battle. By walking out, you will never grow as an individual. 

4)      Mental blockage
Giving up can permanently give an impression to yourself that you can never achieve or will never receive the deserved rewards. Quitting can mentally make you weak and the spirit of trying again will die eventually.    

5)      Be a motivation
We all have heroes whom we look upon in life. Be that hero by overcoming all the hardships and obstacles in your life. Reach the finish line and set an example not only to others but also to yourself. Use this example for your next big task.

6)      You are not the first one
Want to score distinction? Wishing to park a Ferrari in your garage? Planning to represent your country? When the thought of giving up comes in, look at all the stunning examples people have set in the history of mankind. If someone has done it before you can definitely do it now!

7)      How close!
Working hard for your goals and giving up only to realise that you were so close to it is the worst feeling ever. So remove the words Give Up from your dictionary. 

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