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Summer special: Things women must carry in their bag

Summer special: Things women must carry in their bag
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It’s that time of the year when you feel like avoiding the sun and become a shade loving animal! Every movement under the sun seems like a daunting task, as you desperately look for shelter to escape the scorching heat.

Here, we take a look at a few things that you need to equip yourself with, this summer to remain fresh. Make sure that these things find space in your bag, so that you don’t feel bogged down by the soaring temperature.

Facial Tissue paper

While travelling, if your face becomes sticky because of humidity, wipe your face with a tissue paper. So that the dirt on your face gets removed.

Rose water spray, perfume or deodorant 

Use rose water spray to awaken the tired cells of your face. The sweet-smelling spray will help your skin rejuvenate instantly. Also to avoid bad body odour, wear perfume or use a deo spray.

Face Wash

Always carry a face wash, so that you can cleanse your face when you feel completely worn out.


A towel always comes in handy to wipe the dash of sweat from your face.

Sun glasses         

Protect your eyes by wearing sun glasses when under the sun.

A stole

To take care of your hair from exposure to direct sunlight, cover your head with a stole. This will help you keep a lot cooler and at the same time protect your hair from getting damaged.

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