Are you using updated WhatsApp with these features released in last one month?

Are you using updated WhatsApp with these features released in last one month?

Zee Media Bureau

New Delhi: WhatsApp's tech team is always on its toes to make a better user experience for the app users. Are you updating your WhatsApp with everything new or innovative that comes on the popular messenger chats? Check out:

Voice Mail: The instant messaging app WhatsApp has rolled out its much anticipated voicemail service.

If your WhatsApp call is rejected or unanswered, one will now have the option to leave a voice message.

The new feature is basically the voice message feature but only appears when you make a call.

If a contact doesn't pick up or decline a call, all you have to do is hold down on the voice message button, and when you are ready to send the message, just let go the button. You message is sent and it appears in the active WhatsApp conversation with a note saying there's been a missed call.

The report adds that if you slide left when recording you abandon the voice message - but you can't listen back to your recording before deciding to send it.

Bold emojis: The messaging app has added new features like giving people the ability to send bold, italic and strike-through text in messages, a secret font and Olympic-themed emoji - all within the last few weeks.

Sharing your phone number with Facebook: Messaging service WhatsApp has updated its global privacy policy, under which it will now share phone numbers of users with its parent company, Facebook. The new policy, which is likely to come into force from September 25,

WhatsApp is giving users a limited time to opt out of sharing their information with Facebook, although they must take the extra step of unchecking a box to do so.This is how you can prevent the messaging app from sharing your number:

For those of you who have still not clicked the “Agree” button, you can click the “Read more” button.

This will lead you to another screen where you will have the option of “uncheck” box.  

Click that and you can deny permission to share your data with Facebook.

However, if you have already clicked the Agree button here's what you can do.

Open your WhatsApp

Go to Settings

Go to Account

Click share my account info and uncheck the box.

iIOS 10 update impact on WhatsApp

WhatsApp update brings iOS 10 compatibility, letting people send messages just using Siri. One can just ask Siri to “Send a message on WhatsApp to a friend saying hello”, will actually make that happen. A special window will pop up with a preview of the message, just like has long happened with the built-in messaging app, and you can then send it off to people.