Oh No! WhatsApp's to share your data with Facebook –Know how to stop this

WhatsApp is likely to start sharing users' phone numbers with Facebook from September 25.

Oh No! WhatsApp's to share your data with Facebook –Know how to stop this

Zee Media Bureau

New Delhi: Sometimes we are in such a hurry that we don't bother to read the text before we click the 'Agree' button on terms and conditions. This must have happened to many WhatsApp's users recently.

The instant messaging app has recently taken decision to share user data with parent company Facebook.

The new policy, which is likely to come into force from September 25, WhatsApp is giving users a limited time to opt out of sharing their information with Facebook, although they must take the extra step of unchecking a box to do so.

It also says Facebook won't post phone numbers online or give them out to anyone.

But the giant social network has been looking for ways to make money from WhatsApp since it bought the service two years ago. At the same time, Facebook has pledged not to interfere with a longstanding promise by WhatsApp's co-founders to respect users' privacy and keep ads off its messaging platform.

If the news is bothering you here are two ways which can help you.

For those of you who have still not clicked the “Agree” button, you can click the “Read more” button.

This will lead you to another screen where you will have the option of “uncheck” box.  

Click that and you can deny permission to share your data with Facebook.

However, if you have already clicked the Agree button here's what you can do.

Open your WhatsApp

Go to Settings

Go to Account

Click share my account info and uncheck the box.

Note: This will be valid for only 30 days after accepting the updated terms.


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