This is how we avoid WhatsApp viruses and scams

This is how we avoid WhatsApp viruses and scams

Zee Media Bureau

New Delhi: We often come across messages on WhatsApp asking us to forward chain mails, or click on a link which claims to be offering us a gift or reward or freebie.

There have been WhatsApp messages that have gone viral talking about a premium service named as WhatsApp Gold, or a message that WhatsApp will shutdown soon. One WhatsApp hoax that you would have come across is that which asks you to forward the message to 10 people or the service will close down.

The sender claims to be representing WhatsApp, and eggs on you to click the link or pass on to your contacts. Remember that WhatsApp has never contacted any individual user outside the application itself.

If you receive messages like these, don’t click on the link, instead, delete the message and keep your smartphone safe from Trojans and viruses lurking in the worldwide web.


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