Delhi Assembly polls: Siblings brave all odds to cast vote

New Delhi: Among the voters who turned up at a polling station in Balli Maran constituency today to cast their vote, two siblings stood out in their determination to be a part "in fulfilling a citizen's duty".

Visually impaired Priyanka Singh (33) was accompanied by her brother Goldie Singh (30), who was using crutches to support his fractured leg, as the siblings made their way to cast vote in Delhi's electoral battle.

Accompanied by their mother, the siblings braved two flights of stairs and a rickshaw ride through the congested Delhi-6 lanes to exercise their franchise.

Priyanka displayed ample excitement as she flaunted her ink-marked finger after casting her ballot. "This is a citizen's duty. I too want to serve my country by casting my vote," she beamed.

On being asked what motivates her to be in sync with political happenings, Priyanka said, "There are lot of problems we face and this is the way to help solve it."

She added, "I listen to the radio and keep myself aware of the developments and issues." A Typhoid attack had left Priyanka with only 10 per cent vision in her eyes. Priyanka is also mentally-challenged and at times does not behave her age, Goldie said. On what inspired him to vote in such adverse conditions, Goldie said, "We only want relief from the problems that we face daily. Inflation, electricity bills and water cost is rising like never before. This is the the best effort I can make."

Nisha Singh (55), the mother of the duo said, "Despite all the obstacles I make sure that my children cast their vote. After all we are the citizens of country."

Priyanka serves at the local Gurdwara helping with the 'langar' and doing other 'seva'. Goldie had broken his leg in an accident two months ago. He works as HR Executive in a private firm in Okhla, but the high cost of treatment led him to take loan for further treatment.

First Published: Wednesday, December 04, 2013, 21:01

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