Rahul Gandhi woos election-bound Delhi; takes on BJP, Shiv Sena

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New Delhi: Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi praised Delhi CM Sheila Dikshit for the development work in the capital at an rally in South Delhi's Ambedkar Nagar on Sunday and attacked the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for spreading false propaganda.

With just few weeks left for Delhi Assembly polls, the Gandhi party scion came out in full support of the three-time Delhi CM and said that the capital’s infrastructure has improved leaps and bounds during her regime.

“In the last 15 years, both the Delhi govt and the UPA have done a lot for the common man. And we believe that the aam aadmi (common man) and women have to be given the strength for India to prosper,” he said.

"Sheila government has changed Delhi, even the opposition accepts this," he said.

"More than 20 lakh people travel by Metro every day...130 flyovers have been built. We have a modern airport, new hospitals...," he recounted.

Rahul Gandhi tried to outsmart the BJP in their attempt to woo migrants from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, and said that Delhi is a city of migrants and he was one of them.

"Delhi is a city of migrants. It is like mini India. My family migrated from Kashmir to Uttar Pradesh, and (then from) Uttar Pradesh to Delhi. Sheila-ji's family also migrated from Uttar Pradesh. For us, everyone is the same in Delhi. People go from Uttar Pradesh to Maharashtra and Shiv Sena chases them out," he said.

Comparing Congress-ruled states with those where the BJP was in power, Rahul Gandhi said that the latter were languishing in terms of development.

“Unlike in states ruled by BJP, in states where Congress governs, no differentiation is made on the basis of religion. For the Congress all citizens of Delhi are the same. Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs are one for us. We, in Delhi, have love, peace,” he said praising the Delhi CM’s tenure in office.

“We have given the country not only infrastructure, but something really powerful. We have given India the RTI,” he said underlining the UPA government’s achievements.

Taking on the BJP for its ‘false claims’, Gandhi said that the Congress-led governments had done more for the aam janta. “BJP says that more roads were made in their period, but Congress made 3 times more. We worked better in education too,” he said.

Gunning for a fourth term in office, Delhi CM Sheila Dikshit attacked the BJP for spreading misinformation and for poor condition of women in the states ruled by them.

"Opposition is telling lies to people by saying that women are not safe in Delhi. How can a party (BJP) which can't ensure safety of a woman inside a house speak of women's safety in Delhi?,"she asked.

First Published: Sunday, November 17, 2013, 14:20

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