Congress didn't want to end poverty as it feared losing power: Narendra Modi

Mandsaur: Attacking Congress for "doing nothing for poor", BJP's Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi on Saturday said the ruling party, over generations never wanted to educate people and eliminate poverty as it was afraid of being stripped of power.

"Congress knows that the moment masses get educated their chairs will be in danger," Modi said, addressing a poll meeting here on the last day of the campaigning for the November 25 Assembly elections in Madhya Pradesh.

Targeting Nehru-Gandhi family, he said, "Why four generations of a family are saying the same thing (on poverty) but doing nothing for the people of the country."

Modi alleged that Congress is "not doing anything for the poor because it knows that if the country gets rid of poverty, they will be out of power."

"Whenever elections come, Congress keeps chanting in the name of poor. But they will do nothing (to remove it). If poverty goes, so will their chairs," he remarked.

The BJP leader recalled days of emergency and polls held in 1977 and urged "people to fight the elections".

"I can say after touring Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan that people are fighting these elections (this time)," he said.

Praising Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan for removing the BIMARU tag on MP, by launching a series of developmental programmes, Modi said, "I won't talk of Gujarat. There are two governments, one in Madhya Pradesh and other Rajasthan.

See the difference in their work and then decide for whom to vote."

Without naming Congress General Secretary Digvijay Singh, Modi said ten years ago a person had done 'Bantaadhar' (made it worse) of the state, but in the last ten years thing have changed.

Targeting Congress for its "groupism", Modi said an MP of this region (Meenakshi Natarajan) was locked by the warring factions of the party sometime back.

Modi claimed that according to his information the lock was opened only when Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi intervened.

Taking a dig at Digvijay without taking his name, he said a leader of the party these days is telling him about "decency in politics" but it can be recalled that the same person used inappropriate language for describing a local woman MP sometime back.

Attacking Congress Vice President, Modi said Rahul Gandhi felt India is a bee-hive while his own thought was that India is "our motherland".

The BJP leader said for Gandhi poverty is state of mind but he felt poor are manifestation of almighty.

He added, "Shahzada you say money does not grow on trees but we say it grows in the fields and through the sweat of our workers."

He said that India has decided for a Congress free India and even if Rahul Gandhi takes cameras along with him to see poor, poverty in areas close to where he lives still exits.

"Beside the house of Rahul Gandhi, there are around 800 people living in Juggis but there are only two toilets. Even beside the PM's residence there are 8,000 people living and there are only eight toilets. Sheila Dikshit has been chief minister for 15 years and there is such poverty right under her nose. They could have at least made the toilets. And they talk about poverty," Modi said.

He also took a jibe over corruption in Commonwealth games. "When other nations get an international event, they use such events for branding. Korea got Olympics 20 years back and they did such branding that the world saw. Japan has got it for 2020. They have branded it in such a way that the it had 2020 in everything starting from shops to tea to biscuits. What did we do? We did nothing and did nothing to win hearts, make our nation proud," he said.

Hitting out at the UPA further, Modi said that coal is left outside houses, no one takes or steals them but in Delhi, they steal coal as well.

Power plants which can produce 20,000 MW of power are lying closed. There is no electricity in Delhi. When it was rapped by Supreme court, they said the files have gone missing. Who is responsible for this. The central government has gone paralytic," the Gujarat chief minister said.

He said the Congress government had to bring down prices within 100 days but it did'nt happen.

Taking a dig at P Chidambaram he said that the Union Minister had said that today one buys a water bottle for Rs 15 and ice cream for Rs 20 and why is there such hue and cry if prices of rice or other commodities goes up by Re 1.

"Is this the language or arrogance which should be there? Another intelligent minister said that prices are rising because poor are eating two vegetables now. What will happen to the people of country when these people are running the country?" Modi said.

Targeting Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Modi said he had asked him to head a committee of four CMs to take steps to reduce prices. "We gave 20 different suggestions, 62 actionable points were given. When Prime Minister saw report he said the report was very good. This happened two-and-a-half years ago but nothing has happened till date," he said.

Modi criticised the poor security for women in Delhi. "PM talks of women safety but how can we forget Nirbhaya. When you go to vote- think- they made my Delhi a rape capital. Remember how water canons were used on those who were protesting at India Gate in chilly conditions.

"Remember how police was sent in middle of night to Ramlila Maidan, an innocent woman was killed," he said.

Slamming the policies of Congress, Modi said, "When you go to vote, pray in front of the gas cylinder at home as they are snatching that.

Pray that good times comes so that you get gas. "I do not belong to this elite club. This elite club of Delhi will never accept me. They keep thinking what I will do and say. You have waited for a very long time. I assure you BJP will not let your patience and sacrifice go in vain."

Emphasising that Delhi elections were important, Modi said it is unfortunate that even small states and cities are better than the national capital.

He added, "I do not belong to this elite club. This elite club of Delhi will never accept me. They keep thinking what I will do and say. Today a son of a poor person from village is speaking."

He maintained that Rs 3,900 crore were spent to clean Yamuna but has it got cleaned?

"I invite this elite club. Come see Sabarmati Riverfront in Gujarat. It was done just in Rs 900 crore," the Gujarat chief minister said.

Modi said that Gujarat's BRTS design was copied in Delhi and asked if it is a success here.

The BJP's prime ministerial candidate attacked Sheila Dikshit saying "she does not have any work."

Modi said, "Neither she has to take care of a desert, nor has to worry about ocean borders with other nations nor there is any agriculture. What work does she have."

First Published: Saturday, November 23, 2013, 23:31

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