‘Shahzada’ defining poverty like a social scientist: Narendra Modi

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Jabalpur: Bharatiya Janata Party’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi addressed an election rally in Madhya Padesh’s Jabalpur district on Wednesday and viciously attacked the Congress.

Amidst chants of Modi, Modi, Modi at the venue of the rally, the Gujarat Chief Minister told the gathering, “I bow to Janata Janardhan for the affection that you have showed to me. People are manifestation of God.”

Addressing a huge rally, Modi accused the Congress of indulging in vote bank politics. “Those who are used to vote bank politics will never embrace development agenda,” Modi said.

Raising the poll pitch, Modi asked the people gathered, “Will you vote on caste or performance? Will you vote on community lines, family?”

“I am sure you will vote for the best interest of MP,” Modi went on saying.

Coming down hard at the Congress, the BJP leader said that many times the ruling party at the Centre has named its name, its symbol, its slogans but their intention remains the same.

Modi said that the BJP believes in unity and is moving ahead to integrate people.

Modi went on saying that the grand old party’s days are over and Congress and development are complete opposites.

Modi heaped praise on Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister and said that due to Shivrajji’s hard work the state is no longer in the list of BIMARU states.

Laying down a comparison between BJP and Congress ruled states, Modi said that his party leaders learn from each other and work hard for development, where as the Congressmen compete on corruption and loot.

In a veiled reference to Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi, Modi said that like a social scientist ‘Shahzada’ is defining poverty.

First Published: Wednesday, November 20, 2013, 19:04

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