Madhavan Narayanan

Madhavan Narayanan is a senior journalist who has covered politics, diplomacy, business, technology and other subjects in a long career that has spanned organisations including Reuters, Business Standard and Hindustan Times. He is currently an independent columnist, editor and commentator. He is listed among the top 200 Indian influencers on Twitter. He tweets as @madversity.

Narendra Modi has lots in common with Indira Gandhi in style, populism and opposition

"Woh kahte hain Indira hatao. Hum kahte hain garibi hatao." (They say 'Remove Indira,' we say 'Remove poverty'). 

Blame for fuel price shock definitely lies with NDA government. Here's why

As opposition parties led by the Congress stage

Why food delivery boys in India can earn more than PhDs

Two seemingly unconnected bits of news made me sit up this week -- and between them they show contrasting views of India, its society, its state of education and its economy. 

Rahul Gandhi and RSS should debate each other

This is a strange kind of monsoon in India. It is raining all kinds of gestures and offers in politics, as if it was e-commerce.

Kerala floods are man-made, they happened because we ignored the experts

As Kerala recovers from its worst floods in a century, there is plenty to celebrate in the way various groups in India and abroad have come together to help God's Own Country bounce back from what

Imran Khan is predictably unpredictable, India should watch out for his strange swings

I write this on the Independence Day of Pakistan, August 14, in a momentous week of its history.

Karunanidhi shaped national politics, he was the true kingmaker behind 6 Indian Prime Ministers

I have only one personal recollection of a close look at Muthuvel Karunanidhi, and that was at the residence of former Prime Minister Vishwanath Pratap Singh in 1996.

As debate rages over Assam, it may make sense to link NRC with Aadhaar

If you only listen to politicians on a vexed social or economic problem, you are only going to get predictable responses based on vote bank politics -- be it of those who want votes from this side

BJP is playing a dangerous game over lynchings, and it could backfire badly

As India frets over mob lynchings that have led to illegal killings of innocent people in the hands of paranoid activists or self-appointed vigilantes, there are three questions that loom large.

India and Pakistan need to learn lessons from Croatia and Ethiopia

India has become an inward-looking country. Or at least, its media is.

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