Shobhika Puri

Shobhika Puri is a freelance writer.

Autonomy for IIMs a great step, but there's a long way ahead to being world-class

The Indian Institutes of Management Bill, 2017 was passed by the Rajya Sabha recently. It was passed in the Lok Sabha in July 2017. A historic move in the field of education!

Why Are We Scared of Artificial Intelligence?

Intelligence is known to intimidate some, but it is not known to scare anybody.

Rahul Gandhi - Lost Already

Even before his political career could take off, it seems Rahul Gandhi – the heir to the throne of the Nehru-Gandhi family – has lost the battle.

NCERT Textbook Review – Finally!

Being a part of the education industry and even more importantly, being an ardent believer in the power of education, I was thrilled to know that NCERT was planning a review of its school textbooks

The PM is being bad, only to be good

India witnessed a historic move recently – a move to invalidate all high denomination notes; a move that had been suggested by many, but implemented by none in the country in the recent past; a mov

India’s Response to Terrorism – Affective and Ineffective

Is terrorism bad? A resounding ‘yes’ from across India! Are steps needed to be taken to curb it? Yes!

Sorry, Irom Sharmila!

Irom Sharmila, a woman of indefatigable spirit, broke her 16-year long fast recently.

Robert Vadra: Bad Choice, Bad Timing

The sudden appearance of Robert Vadra in political advertisements has caught many by surprise.

Apple at loggerheads with the FBI?

Anything that Apple does, makes news. Any software update, new phone launch, or in fact, even an announcement – anything.

Government Caught Unawares, Yet Again!

Indian government’s ignorance and lackadaisical attitude is in focus once again with February 9, 2016 approaching near.

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