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Supriya Jha

'Life is not easy': Woman describes how it feels to be wife of an ISIS fighter

It's not a secret now that many Muslim youngsters, both males and females, have fled to Syria and Iraq to join the jihadists.

UN report on Sri Lanka civil war documents 'brutal use of torture', sexual violence

Lifting the lid off several horrific crimes committed during years of Sri Lankan civil war, a new UN report has documented widespread use of torture, sexual violence, enforced disappearances and extra-judicial killings during the 26-year-war.

Australians pay 'tearless' tribute to Tony Abbott with tweets marked #PutOutYourOnions

Outgoing Australian prime minister Tony Abbott was in for a rather 'tearless' tribute on Twitter as he was defeated by Malcolm Turbull in a leadership challenge on Monday.

Al Qaeda against ISIS 'Caliphate', but will join them to fight West

As if Islamic State was not enough to cash in on the vulnerability of young minds and provoke them to carry out killings, now al Qaeda chief Ayman al-Zawahri has issued a call to the Muslims, egging them on to stage lone-wolf attacks in the US and other western countries.

'Today hacking, Tomorrow killing...Happy 9/11': ISIS threatens to kill 100 US military officers

An ISIS-affiliated group that calls itself 'Islamic State Hacking Division', has released a second kill list of 100 US military personnel, releasing online their photos, names, divisions, and addresses, SITE Intel Agency reported.

ISIS puts Norwegian, Chinese hostages up 'FOR SALE', with 'limited time offer'

Barbaric extremist group Islamic State, which has in past released gruesome videos showing beheading of Western hostages, has now put the prisoners up for sale.

'He said he will rape me': Confessions of ISIS chief Baghdadi's personal slave

As Islamic State continue to unleash terror across Syria and Iraq, numerous tales of indescribable atrocities meted out to women have surfaced.

Kate Middleton pregnant? Wants four babies before she turns 40?

The British Royal family may be on its way to get bigger if reports about Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, being pregnant with third baby, are confirmed.

Death of Aylan Kurdi: 'Nothing can compensate me, I have buried my soul with my children'

It is unfathomable to imagine the plight of a man who has lost his entire family (wifes and two children) to the sea, which he thought will take them to happiness, far away from the vagaries of Islamic State war going on in his hometown.

Death of Aylan Kurdi: 'I hoped it to be a toy but it was a child, I started screaming'

Even before the picture of Syrian kid Aylan Kurdi washed up on a Turkey beach went viral, triggering grief and sorrow worldwide, the three-year-old's dead body was first witnessed by a group of Iraqi refugees.

Look who is playing Indrani Mukerjea in a film on Sheena Bora murder mystery?

With its murky details and convoluted twists and turns out in the open, the sensational saga of Sheena Bora murder, undoubtedly, has all the ingredients that go into the making of a thriller movie.

Death of Aylan Kurdi: Distraught father of drowned boy pours his heart out

As the entire world wept over the haunting photograph of three-year-old Aylan Kurdi, the Syrian kid whose body was washed ashore, his heartbroken father fought tears to recount how his boat capsized after the driver jumped into water and escaped.

Syrian boy, 3, lying dead on Turkish beach: A picture worth a trillion tears!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but this one demands trillions of tears.

Caught on camera: TN lady officer playing 'Candy Crush' during farmers' grievance meet

It was a meeting held to ponder on how to address and alleviate farmers' grievances but she was apparently more concerned about how deftly she could crush those colourful candies flashing on her smartphone.

Biggest strike ever? 'Bharat Bandh' today, India braces for protest by trade unions

As the entire nation braces to bear the brunt of the nationwide 'Bharat Bandh', Wednesday may witness what the trade unions have called 'the biggest strike in the country ever'.

Richest terrorist group Islamic State, is now minting gold coins?

In its latest propaganda video, the Islamic State which has already been branded as the richest terror organisation in history, claims to have started its own currency by minting gold coins.

Bonhomie in Bihar: Nitish demands full statehood for Kejriwal's Delhi

The increasing warmth of the ties between Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal and his counterpart from Bihar Nitish Kumar may heat up the matters in the wake of upcoming assembly polls in the state.

Watch- How Donald Trump snubbed a TV anchor, had him out of press conference

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, known for being bluntly outspoken, is once again in news for having ejected a well-known anchor of leading Spanish-language network from his press conference.

Why did South Korean loudspeakers at the border anger North?

The two Korean neighbours on Monday night managed to stitch up a peace deal, dousing to rest the fears of another South-North war.

War fears defused for now as North Korea, South Korea strike deal

Having hurtled to the edge of war, the two neighbouring Koreas have made peace.

ISIS blows up ancient temple with explosives in Syria's Palmyra

Syrian archaeologists' ghastly fears about the preservation of UNESCO World Heritage Site of Palmyra ruins turned into an unfortunate reality as the Islamic State has reportedly blown up the ancient temple of Baalshamin.

'Donald Trump is the best thing to happen to US..,' says Sarah Palin

While US Presidential hopeful Donald Trump's remarks on illegal immigration might have shocked many and forced even Republicans to distance themselves from his “offensive” comments, former Alaska governor Sarah Palin continued to stand by him.

Bangkok blast suspect caught on CCTV: Who is the man in yellow shirt?

In connection with the deadly bombing at a Hindu shrine in Bangkok, Thailand investigators have come across a CCTV footage that clearly shows a man in a yellow shirt placing a backpack in the temple.

BJP MP taunts Sonia Gandhi, asks 'How much did Lalit Modi pay Rahul's mausi?'

Lok Sabha on Wednesday saw allegations and counter-allegations flying thick over the Lalit Modi controversy after BJP MP from Aligarh returned the accusations being heaped by Congress MP Mallikarjun Kharge on Sushma Swaraj.

US couple planned 'honeymoon in Syria' to join ISIS: Report

A young American couple from Mississippi were arrested at the airport as they were just about to head to their 'honeymoon' trip that was to end in Syria where they would have joined the Islamic State.