Bronchitis,Bronchitis Treatment

Bronchitis and its treatment


In Bronchitis foreign amtter or toxic matter is deposited on the inner lining of the wind pipe. There is a burning sensation in the wind pipe. This problem starts with ordinary cold.
Observe fast for one or two days, then live on juices and then on fruits.

Take enema twice for two days.
Put chest pack on the chest.

Suggestions: Take light exercise everyday. Do not have fried food and chillies and spices.
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I get sick with bronchitis every year. Just last week I was really sick. I could not get an appointment for two weeks and going to the ER was out of the question. I was so glad I could pick up the phone and Call MD247. They were able to give me comfort and relief right over the phone.

Use AMASTHA AWALEHA an ayurvedic medicine twice a day. You will feel better within 24 hours. You may also consult a vaidya for this medicine.

Dry cough is not curing inspite of various tests and medicines alopathic as well as ayurvedic.What should I do?

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