Child Nutrition

It is the duty of parents to take care of their child nutritional requirement as kids don’t really pay attention to consuming healthy foods that provides essential nutrients required by the body.

Nutritional Requirements

Breakfast should contain rich diet with loads of fiber and other vital nutrients. All plants food such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, seeds and beans have fiber.

The nutrition requirement of protein of a four- to six-year old child is about 24 grams day and 28 grams for seven- to ten-year-olds. Therefore, daily meals should be of food high in protein content. High protein foods are eggs, milk, yoghurt, cheese, fish, beef and chicken.

Children in the age group of four- to eight-years need 800mg of calcium per day and 1,300mg for nine- to thirteen-year-old kids. Dairy foods are very high in calcium.

Kids need 10mg of iron every day. Iron can be found in lean meats, poultry, fish, dried beans and whoe grains.

It acts as a good source of vitamin D and kids need l5mcg of vitamin D per day.

Children in the age group of four to six years need 500mcg of vitamin A, whereas, children in the age group of seven to ten years require 700mcg of vitamin A per day. Vitamin A which helps in improving vision is found in green veggies. Children also need 45mg of vitamin C per day. Blueberries, oranges, kiwi, cantaloupe and strawberries are good sources of Vitamin C.