Consuming olive oil ‘may cut stroke risk in older people’

Melbourne: Scientists have found that consuming olive oil could almost halve the risk of stroke in older people.

Researchers at the University of Bordeaux looked at the medical records of almost 8000 people aged 65 and over living in three French cities.

All participants had no history of stroke, and were monitored for five years.

Olive oil use was categorised into "no use", "moderate use" - which meant it was used in cooking or as dressing with bread - and "intensive use" - which meant it was used in every way.

They found those who regularly used olive oil for both cooking and as a dressing lower their risk of stroke by 41 per cent, compared to those who never used the product.

But Australian dietitian Prof Catherine Itsiopoulos admitted that the findings were limited.

"It is difficult to attribute the outcomes just to olive oil because it``s very difficult to measure accurately what the olive oil intake of a person is," the Herald sun quoted Catherine Itsiopoulos, head of dietetics at La Trobe University, as saying.

The study has been published in US medical journal, Neurology.


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