Drink black tea to detox, say experts

New Delhi: Black tea could help chronic smokers detox, experts at a daylong conference on the benefits of tea and its abilities to cure several maladies said here Wednesday.

`Health and Longevity Through Chai: The Wonder Beverage` was organised by the International Life Sciences Institute-India (ILSI-India) and supported by the Tea Board, the National Institute of Nutrition and the National Tea Research Foundation.

Scientists from around the world, who have been doing extensive research on tea and its medicinal properties, presented papers and took part in the discussions.

According to Koustubh Panda, head of Calcutta University`s department of biotechnology and director of West Bengal Biotech Development Corporation (WBBDC), black tea can be a preventive measure for smokers who are at the risk of contracting emphysema, the fourth major killer disease around the world.

"Ninety percent of emphysema victims are cigarette smokers. The antioxidants in black tea prevent cigarette smoke induced oxidants of lung protein and thereby protects against emphysema," said Panda.

"It can act as a saviour for those who lack the willpower to kick the butt. However, this research does not encourage people to take up smoking," he added.

Another expert, Amar Misra, from the Ramakrishna Mission Seva Pratishthan, said a study conducted on patients who had suffered a stroke revealed that those who consumed five or more cups of tea daily were at a much lesser risk of suffering another attack.

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