Enjoy antioxidant-rich watermelon this summer!

Zeenews Bureau

New Delhi: There’s no better snack option than the juicy, red slices of watermelon in this hot summer season. Although Watermelons are not actually a vegetable, and not a fruit, it is eaten raw like cucumber and tastes best when served icy cold.

This bright red attractive fruit has a wide range of minerals like fluoride, iron, sodium, magnesium and potassium, optimum sugar and dietary fibres, and also traces of vital vitamins are present. These reinforce the immune system and keep infections at bay. Watermelon is also a concentrated source of carotenoids, which prevent the formation of cancer cells.

The health benefits of Watermelon are:

Rich in antioxidants.

It can neutralise free radicals in body and reduce the risk of colon cancer and heart attacks.

Watermelon also reduces airway spasms in asthma patients.

Beta carotene found in watermelon sharpens eyesight.

Watermelon also eases inflammations and prevents diabetes, apart from regulating salt content in the blood.