Exercise good for men’s sexual health

Exercise is not only good for a man`s heart, but his sexual health as well, says an Australian study.

While other studies have shown links between erectile dysfunction and depression, this study shows for the first time links with other male reproductive health disorders.

The new study shows strong link between a lack of physical activity and erectile dysfunction and a perception of a lack of testosterone.

It also links diabetes and cardiovascular disease to erectile dysfunction, while high blood pressure is strongly linked to lower urinary tract symptoms and perceived symptoms of androgen deficiency.

Androgen is the term used for all male sex hormones, of which testosterone is the predominant hormone.

Co-author Professor Rob McLachlan, of the Monash Institute of Medical Research and director of Andrology Australia, says the study highlights that reproductive concerns of men are related to other health matters.

"Erectile dysfunction is a canary in the coal mine for other diseases that may not be apparent," ABC Science quoted him as saying.

To reach the conclusion, the researchers examined links between lifestyle and reproductive health in males aged over 40 years.

McLachlan said that the findings emphasises the importance of men maintaining fitness and remaining active into old age.

The study has been published recently online in BMC Public Health.