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Food and Nutrition

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To lead an active and healthy life, we all need adequate food and nourishment. Food, which is essential for survival and growth of human beings, can also lead us to many health risks if not chosen properly. But, before we discuss its beneficiaries and functions, let us define what is Food and Nutrition? Food is made up of any substance, composed of carbohydrates, water, proteins, and fats either eaten or drunk by any animal, including humans to give energy or help build up the body for growth.

Nutrition is the process in which you consume food or nourishing liquids, digest and absorb them and use them for health and growth.
Also, Nutrition can be defined as a three-part process i.e. consumption, digestion and circulation of the food. The origin of the word ‘nutrition’ is linked to the Latin words ‘nutritionem and nutrire,’ meaning ‘’a nourishing’’ or ‘’to nourish, suckle.’’

As the saying goes, `we are what we eat, ` good nutrition plays a vital role in our wellbeing, helping to keep the mind and the body fit.
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