Food Combination

Updated: Feb 02, 2011, 17:12 PM IST

It is vital to know whether the given combination of food items is appropriate or not. Ayurvedic literature discusses in detail about various food combinations and warns that many food items if eaten together combine to act like poison in the body. For instance, honey and desi ghee when mixed in equal quantities and eaten, acts like poison.

For digestion of constituent substances of a diet different digestive juices are required. Shwetsaar substances are digested by alkaline juices whereas proteins are digested by acidic juices. Shwetsaar and protein rich foods, when eaten together, will trigger the release of both alkaline and acidic juices leading to putrefaction of protein and fermentation of shwetsaar. This disturbs the process of digestion.
Similarly foods like vegetables, fruits, pickles, curd, kheer, sweets and papad etc when eaten together disturb the digestive process.
Eating one substance at a time is ideal. Eating a mix of substances is wrong in the first place. Mixture of minimum foods is preferable and makes the food easily digestible. One should take fruits at one time while salad(vegetables) and cereals at other time. This is called Monodiet.

Wrong Combination:

Milk and curd with banana
Milk or curd with radish
Milk and curd
Honey with hot water or any other hot substance
Honey and radish
Khichdi and Kheer
Milk with musk melon(kharbooza)/watermelon/cucumber/sanke gourd(kakadi)
Bengal gram (Urad) and radish
Curd and blackberry(jamun)
Curd and musk melon(kharbooza)
Curd and paneer
Fruits with vegetables
Radish or curd at night
Curd after heating
Ghee kept in a copper pot for more than 10 or more days
Pulses with sweet potato/potato/kachalu
Musk melon(kharbooza)/watermelon with any other food item
Pulses and rice or pulses and chapati
Milk or curd with chapati
Chapati and tamarind

NB: Chapati and rice should be eaten together alongwith good amount of vegetables.

Ideal Combination:

Mango and cow`s milk
Milk and dates
Rice and coconut
Guava with fennel seed(saunf)
Watermelon with radish leaves
Asparagus(bathua) and curd raita
Curd and pulses
Mix vegetable of carrot and methi
Banana and cardamom(small)
Curd and amla powder
Swetsaar with vegetables
Dry fruits with citrus fruits
Pulses and vegetables
Vegetables and rice khichdi
Fruits and small quantity dry fruits with vegetables
Chaopati with green leafy vegetables
Sprouts with fresh coconut