Foods of Winter Season

Updated: Feb 02, 2011, 12:14 PM IST

High protein, adequate fat, less carbohydrate.
More solids- delayed digestible for sustained release of calories.
Less fluids other than water, least semi-solids.

Food capable of producing warm effect.
More non-vegetarian food. During summer, as the day time is longer, stomach should not be empty, therefore, three or four helping of semi-solids/fluids/fruits is very helpful. During winter, as the night time is longer, stomach should be kept full in night with such solids which are easily digestible and of high caloric value. As per Ayurveda, during night and early morning(pre-dawn) vat is high, and during day pit is increased and from evening to early night cough rises. Therefore, in the morning vatic food, in the day pittaj food and in the evening kaphaj food should be avoided. Water should be consumed at room temperature during summer and rainy seasons. During winter, water should preferably be kept at luke warm temperature all the time. Whatever the season, hot beverages having caffein should be avoided in the evening.