Headache - symptom of some other disease


Headache is not a disease by itself, but a symptom of some other disease. It may be caused by wrong functioning of the body or of some special part of the body. If any organ is not working properly, it may cause pain, skin disease, swelling, burning sensation, cold and many other symptoms. Headache is a danger bell for all organs of the body.

If caused by high blood pressure, one should calm his mind
and think positive.
For one week, avoid intoxicating things, rather live on juice of fruits such as orange, grapes, apple, mango, tomato. After one week, include salad and milk in diet.
Take enema every periodically to keep the bowels clean.
If headache is caused by acidity, reform the diet. Give up spicy and fried foods. For a few days, wet mud pack should be kept on abdomen for half an hour in the morning and evening or Hip bath for 10-15 minutes should be taken.
If headache is caused by defective digestive system, one should fast and take enema.
If headache is caused by cold, clean the nose to remove
mucus. Suggestions: Live in fresh air. Take complete rest. Take wet mud pack on abdomen.


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