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History of Naturopathy

Naturopathy is a system of healing that avoids drug and surgery and highlights the use of natural substances like special diets, herbs, vitamins, massage to eliminate the toxins in the body.

As per Naturopathy, it is believed that human beings have the healing power within their body that comprises of immune system, physical and psyche which is in charge of our total health. Naturopaths identify the cause of diseases and treat then using traditional and holistic healing methods.

Naturopaths ease the imbalances in our body by turning to nature for the well-being of the body.

Naturopathy encourages a simple life that is close to nature and establishes the impact of sunlight, diet, water, air for protection of the entire body.

History of Naturopathy:-

The term Naturopathy was coined by Dr John Scheel in 1895. The `Father of medicine` Hippocrates is considered the first advocate of naturopathic medicine even before the term Naturopathy existed.

The modern form of Naturopathy embarked in the 19th century as natural healing systems. Known as `Nature Cure`, it started in Germany and other countries with `Water Cure` called hydrotherapy/water therapy. This water therapy was popularized by Vincent Priessnitz who also recovered from several years of illness through this therapy.
Considered the founder of modern hydrotherapy, he emphasized the importance of food, air, exercise, rest and water to treat illness over conventional medicine.

It was further popularised and propagated by a German, Dr Benedict Lust, in the US in 1902. When Dr Lust became seriously ill with Tuberculosis, he was treated with nature cure/water cure methods by Father Sebastian Kneipp leading to a dramatic improvement in his health. He went on to establish the American School of Naturopathy. This school focused the magnitude of natural cures, good hygiene, healthy diets and rich fibre intake as the approach to sound health.

Naturopathy is practice in several countries for its safe and effective healing. It is very popular in US and Canada. In India, the `Nature Cure` movement was popularized during the times of Mahatma Gandhi. He made it a part of his programs and even set up a Nature Cure Hospital in Maharashtra and many has come up since then. Nonetheless, the Indian stream of naturopathy differs from Western particularly with the main focus on vegetarianism and yoga.

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