Honey is like nectar for humans. Honey can bring new life to a powerless, voiceless, and with no conscious ness. Honey is a pre-digested substance and hence provides instant energy. When given to children with milk it not only makes them powerful but disease free as well. It makes human body healthy, beautiful and brings new energy in old people.

Honey has many chemical constituents that are useful for humans. Vitamin A,B, and C is present in ample amount. Important mineral elements such as iron, copper, calcium, phosphorus, sodium and iodine are also present. It has antiseptic property as well.

Regular intake of honey, gives energy, freshness and enhances immunity against diseases. It removes disorders related to respiratory system, asthma, digestive system and skin.It purifies blood, removes cough decreases cholesterol and improves digestion.

Honey and lemon drink removes tiredness and decreases cholesterol. Honey has both the properties of slimming down fat people and fattening slim ones.

Honey and water mixture should always be taken empty stomach. It is harmful when taken in very hot water and should be taken with lukewarm water. Honey should never be heated over a direct heat source.