Indian chef’s `spicy curry` can beat bugs

Updated: Sep 10, 2012, 12:45 PM IST

London: An Indian chef has created an immune-boosting curry that she claims can ward off illness.

Anjum Anand, who presented BBC2’s Indian Cooking Made Easy, said Vitamin C-packed ingredients like pomegranate seeds and fenugreek leaves have healing powers.

Her dish also contains garlic, cinnamon and chillies, which can fight infection.

“Spices in food are like medicine in Indian families and I wanted to make a simple, immune-boosting dish,” the Sun quoted Anjum as saying.

“I read research showing that fenugreek leaves were rich in Vitamin C. They are also very tasty so I have combined them with superfoods like pomegranate seeds,” she explained.

Nutritionists have supported her claims and are urging Brits to make the spicy dish at home

Nutritionist Maria Bez, based at the private practice Nourish, said: “This curry is packed with important vitamins and minerals which can support the immune system and can also help stave off coughs and colds.”

The vegetarian dish also contains ingredients such as butternut squash and Japanese eggplant.