Low fat diet keeps extra kilos in check

New Delhi: Australian researchers have found a novel way of helping overweight people drop some kilos - retraining their taste buds by switching to low-fat diet.

They have found that overweight and obese people who regularly tuck into fatty foods are less able to taste fat.

As fat promotes fullness, if a person is insensitive to fat their body will not send out signals telling them they are full and need to stop eating.

However the researchers at Deakin University`s Centre for Physical Activity and Nutrition Research found that switching to a low fat diet made people more sensitive to tasting fat, increasing their ability to feel full faster and stop overeating.

The study showed being on a low-fat diet makes overweight and obese people more sensitive to fatty tastes," said the centres Associate Professor Russell Keast.

"It was interesting that we could improve fat sensitivity of overweight/obese people with low fat diets - in a sense train their tastebuds to be more sensitive to fat," he said.

The study was published in the International Journal of Obesity and Clinical Nutrition.


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