Natural Treatment of Acne


Pimples come out at the time of puberty. They generally appear on face, but sometimes also on chest, shoulders and back. They may be caused by wrong food, constipation, impure blood, mucus etc.

Take steam on face for 10-15 minutes on alternate days.
Take a seed of dry date and rub it in lemon juice till a paste is formed. Apply this paste at night on face. After some time wash the face and rub milk cream on it.

Take black mud which has been sieved and mix curd in it. Apply it on face before going to bed. Wash the face in morning.

Grind orange skin in water. Rub this on face three times a day. Suggestions: Take simple and light food which has very little fat in it. Avoid constipation. Take enema everyday till constipation is removed.