Neem (Margosa Tree)

Neem is a very useful tree. Every part of the tree, from its roots to leaves is laden with medicinal properties. Neem tree’s bitterness is its biggest merit. Because of its bitterness, it remains green even in summer when other trees become dry.

Normally it has insecticidal properties. Chewing 5 very soft neem leaves daily keeps all diseases at bay, purifies blood and helps prevent chronic diseases. Its regular consumption prevents teeth related disorders and improves voice.

Regular brushing with neem stub keeps teeth white, shining, strong and free from diseases. Applying a paste of neem leaves has been one of the fastest ways to heal a wound from time immemorial.

Neem leaves when dried and burned keep mosquitoes and flies away. Taking bath in boiled water with neem leaves heals skin diseases.
Neem oil is used in many medicines. In Ayurveda neem is known to destroy all the three doshas (vaat- pitt and cough). Taking juice of neem leaves helps a lot in skin diseases, diabetes and allergy.
If one or two drops of neem oil is put in nose it can prevent hair fall and greying. Neem oil massage at night prevents dandruff.

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