Practicing Anulom vilom pranayam reduces high BP risk

Zee Media Bureau/Liji Varghese

New Delhi: Anulom vilom pranayam also called the alternate nostril breathing technique is mainly exercised for relaxation and strengthening of mind. Sparing 10 to 15 minutes for the breathing exercise helps release stress and anxiety. Practicing Anulom-Vilom cleanses blood vessels and vein and makes the three main nadis — the Idaa, Pingla and Sushumna more supple. It increases mental and physical strength thus reducing the risk of high blood pressure.

1. Sit in a meditative position
2. Close the right nostril with the right thumb
3. Breath in from the left nostril and hold the breath for a couple of seconds
4. Open right nostril and close left nostril with middle and ring finger
5. Breath out from right nostril
6. Breathe in from right nostril, close the right nostril
7. Open left nostril and breathe out.
8. Repeat again

1. Relieves stress, improves blood circulation and lowers blood pressure
2. Cures diseases of the muscular system
3. Beneficial in arthritis, flatulence and varicose veins, acidity and sinusitis
4. Streamlines metabolism