Principles of Naturopathy

Naturopathy is a holistic, natural healing system that focuses on the prevention and treatment of diseases and promotion of the self healing process. This method of treatments includes herbs, massage, fasting, detoxification, acupuncture, hydro therapy etc.

It blends the old, natural, traditional therapies with the current study of health. Naturopathic doctors follow six principles of healing based on the observation of health and diseases with scientific methods.

-The healing power of nature-

It is believed that human body has an inborn ability to heal itself and maintain and restore good health. So, here the Naturopaths teach the patient about the self-healing skills of the body by identifying the cause and eliminating the impediments and establish a healthy internal and external environment.

-Do not harm the body-

The main emphasis is on avoiding any harm to the patient. The Naturopaths develop methods which minimizes the risk of harmful side-effects to the body. The diagnosis, treatment are all measured keeping in mind the individual`s healing process and refer for proper treatment when naturopathic healing therapies are incompatible to the patient`s health.

-Identify and treat the cause-

-Every illness of the body occurs with a cause. The Naturopathic doctors seek to identify the cause and treat the patient rather than just suppress/eliminate the symptoms.

-Heal the whole person-

A broad approach to diagnosis and treatment: Naturopaths take into account the patient`s over all mental, physical, environmental, emotional, social, spiritual factors that affects the health.

-The physician as Teacher-

The Naturopathic doctors teach the patient and instill in mind the self-responsibility for their own good health. With strong encouragement and motivation, the physician maintains a therapeutic potential of a good doctor-patient rapport.

-Prevention is the best cure-

-The most vital health care method is the prevention of disease and can be achieved through education, promotion of healthy lifestyle/healthy living. The Naturopaths evaluate the risk factors and make timely interventions to prevent illness.